10 Reasons to Buy SizeGenetics


There are many great reasons to but SizeGenetics. But when I first considered buying the product I decided to write a list of pros and cons. I had been burnt trying other methods and I was going to make sure it was not going to happen again. Developing a list was my only strategy to determine if SizeGenetics was worth pursuing. I am happy to say the pros outnumbered the cons by far and so I decided to share my list with you.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy SizeGenetics

Here are my top 10 rated reasons….

Medical Backing

Sizegenetics is backed by leading medical professionals in the field of penis enlargement and sexual function. 13 top doctors actively promote this product and recommend it to all of their clients. Not other penis enlargement method has this kind of backing!

Cheaper Compared To Surgery

Sizegenetics is much cheaper that penis enlargement surgery and doesn’t carry any of the risk. Penis enlargement surgery can cost as much as $10,000 (cheapest price I’ve heard of is $6,000), is extremely invasive, can be painful, may take a long time to recover and may have negative or adverse side effects. Some men lose their ability to have erections altogether and some are left with noticeable scars.

Cheaper Compared To Other Alternatives

Sizegenetics is cheaper than many other penis enlargement alternatives. Any idea how much penis pills or patches can cost? Try up to $600 or more per year!! Compare that to Sizegenetics which is half the price and it is a device that you can have for the rest of your life.

Type 1 Medical device

Sizegenetics is one of the very few type 1 medical devices on the market today. Type 1 devices are tested and certified for both safety and effectiveness.

More Natural Alternative

You don’t have to rely on chemical products like patches or pills and risk chemical interactions or side effects. You don’t have to ingest anything or go through surgery to obtain the body that you desire. Learn more about SizeGenetics versus male enhancement pills.

Huge Satisfied Customer Base

1,000’s of SizeGenetics kits have been sold around the world with literally 1,000’s of testimonials from very happy customers. Search the internet and you will find glowing reviews about this product and many sales are generated from word of mouth through social networking on the web.

Independent Reviews

SizeGenetics has many great independent reviews from major publications such as GQ magazine and many news and TV hosts in the US and the UK. The product has been featured on many shows in the US and continues to garnish attention by major media outlets.

Amazing Money Back Guarantee

SizeGenetics is guaranteed to increase both the length and girth of your penis. Some men report increases of up to 4 inches in length and up to 2 inches in girth. If you don’t reach your target size simply ask for your money back and you will receive all of your money back. This guarantee underscores the effectiveness of this penile extender – if the product didn’t work there wouldn’t be such a generous guarantee! I challenge anybody to find a better guarantee than this.

Superb Product Quality

Sizegenetics is constructed of high grade materials that will last and will not break! You don’t have to worry about the product malfunctioning or parts breaking. Some comparable products are constructed with low grade products and break frequently. Product quality is world class and the product is designed to last for your lifetime.

Great Value For Your Money

SizeGenetics is one of the cheapest, most effective methods of penis enlargement on the market and SizeGenetics is constructed of materials that are designed to last your lifetime. Unlike pills and patches that you have to keep on buying to maintain your penis length, you only have to pay for SizeGenetics once and you have it for the rest of your life!

My Decision To Buy SizeGenetics

SizeGeneticsAs you can see from my list the decision to buy SizeGenetics was very easy. The product is by far the best on the market and offers fast, effective and permanent penis enlargement unlike other methods of penis enlargement on the market. The price, value, and quality are superb and the device has great medical backing. If you really are sick of the size of your penis and are serious about increasing it’s size, SizeGenetic is the best way to go!

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