Correcting Penile Curvature with a Penis Extender

Penis Extender for Peyronies

Many men don’t want to find themselves looking for effective ways of correcting penile curvature because it’s highly likely that they have Peyronie’s Disease, which causes the abnormal curvature in their penis.

Penile curvature or the abnormal bending or curving of the penis (usually forming a J-shape or something like a fish-hook) is a certain condition that most, if not all, men don’t look forward to having.

If you indeed have this “bent” penis, you need to seek help from your trusted physician, preferably someone who specializes in that particular issue. You should also try researching and finding useful details such as effective ways of correcting penile curvature.

Correcting Penile Curvature

Based on the various articles online, correcting penile curvature may involve the use of either penis exercises or penis extenders or perhaps both. You may have heard about those penis exercises already like Jelqing and the Kegel exercises. They not only help fix penile curvature naturally but they are also performed by men who are having size issues with their penis.

While you’re at it, you can pair those penis exercises up with the use of a traction device such as the penis extender. The Peyronie’s Disease is caused by the abnormal growth of certain fibrous plagues, which leads to tissue scarring. Those scarred tissues affect the penis, making it bend abnormally. Do you know how penis extenders or stretchers are correcting penile curvature? They apply a constant force to those scarred tissues and plagues, making them soft.

Oral Medications & Injections

Correcting penile curvature through oral medications is also possible. If you have done your homework very well, perhaps you have come across sites and articles stating that certain oral medications like Vitamin E supplements are some of the options for penile curvature correction. Other oral medications that folks and certain resources are recommending are Potaba, Colchicine, and Tamoxifen.

Before taking anything, consult your doctor first and verify these claims. Do you want to learn more ways on how to fix penile curvature? How about those injections? In this particular option, some chemical agents are injected directly to the cause of abnormal bending penis, which are those fibrous plagues mentioned earlier. This particular process of treating or correcting penile curvature, however, was reported to have caused unnecessary side effects.

Penis Extenders

Some people are recommending trying out natural methods for correcting penile curvature such as the use of herbal remedies aside from the penis exercises already emphasized earlier. However, if you want to make use of other options involving artificial means like radiation therapy and surgery, be sure that you are ready psychologically as well as financially and that your overall health is good.

But, if you are looking for a much cheaper and less risky method of penis straightening then check out our variety of penis extender reviews. Penis Extenders are often used to treat men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease or just have slight penis curvature. Learn how they work at

Possible Causes Of Penile Curvature

Some individuals who are looking for ways of correcting penile curvature are also trying to learn the possible causes of that particular condition. Experts haven’t determined yet the actual cause but they believe that the said condition is caused by an injury or trauma to the penis, which usually happens during sexual activity. Other cases were reported to be genetic.

Also, some drugs are being studied by professionals because they suspect that those medications may cause the Peyronie’s Disease. You can’t really blame some men if they are searching for these details because they believe that knowing the root causes can help in correcting penile curvature.

Peyronies’s Disease is an incurable, chronic condition that produces scarring fibrosis of the tunica albuginea and is associated with penile deformity and erectile dysfunction. But don’t let this scare you. Men with Peyronies, who supper from severe or mild cases of penile deformity have a wide range of different treatment options that can effectively straighten the penis.

Cure for Peyronies

Because little is still known about the treatment and therapy for those suffering from Peyronies’ Disease there is little you can do in terms of surgery that will provide effective therapy.

Many physicians often recommend a combined treatment that has been proven to give better results when compared to the results of patients who used a monotherapy. Because penile surgery has been found to be extremely unreliable, the best-reported results have been achieved through the use of penis extenders to reduce any penile curvature or sexual dysfunction.

Physicians have attempted many different methods of therapy that include methods such as various types of energy transfer, shock wave therapy, orthovoltage radiation, ultrasound, laser therapy, and shortwave diathermy, in an attempt to cure peyronies disease.

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