Enzyte Review: Does It Really Work?

The following Enzyte review is the result of an extensive review of this unique product, the company that produces it, and results reported by people who have tried it.


Enzyte is the most well-known name in the male enhancement industry. Smiling Bob, the product’s marketing icon is practically a household name. Product testers put Enzyte in the top five penis enlargement pill products on the market today. Berkeley Nutraceuticals, the Ohio-based manufacturer of Enzyte, has been in the herbal supplement business for over ten years.

Steve Warshak, the chief executive of Berkeley, has been in the news recently. Many people believe it is because he promotes and sells a bogus product. This is not the case. Warshak was indicted on 112 federal counts including conspiracy; money laundering; and mail, wire, and bank fraud. Although his greed and criminal nature may land him in jail for up to 20 years, his product tested amazingly well.

How It Works

EnzyteBasically, penis enlargement pills work by activating the tissues in the genitalia area. By providing nutrients to this specific area, which is a specific type of tissue, the pills are able to stimulate further growth, even if you are the age of 60. For this reason, penis enlargement pills have been touted as the solution to a more active, stimulating sex life.

But this is not the only thing that they do. There are also a number of secondary benefits to taking penis enlargement pills, which may not be posted on the packet. Indeed, some people take these things for granted, however – it certainly makes sense to mention them here, so you know what to expect if you do go on to purchase penis enlargement pills.


More than 80% of our product testers said they experienced a noticeable increase in length and girth, with over 20% claiming “huge” increases. 40% reported better ejaculation control and increased sexual stamina.

Unlike some of the other products on the market, Enzyte showed extremely fast results (a one-inch increase in length within the first month of use). Our users, on average, said they gained as much as 2.5 inches in length and a 30% increase in girth. With a success rate of over 90%, you can be confident that you will get excellent results with Enzyte.

All-Natural Formula

100% natural and made from the highest quality herbs, Enzyte offers a unique formula. According to Berkeley Nutraceuticals, there has not been a single case of reported side effects. Enzyte’s formula works to increase the blood flowing to the erectile chamber.

The additional blood flow during arousal causes your erectile chambers to expand, which causes a larger and thicker penis. Several product testers reported experiencing a four-inch increase in the length of their erections. As far as penis enlargement is concerned, that’s an extraordinarily impressive outcome.


Enzyte is thereby designed to help you achieve stronger, fuller and firmer erections all through the day and night by increasing the blood flow. Millions of men worldwide rely on this coveted male enhancement pill, which comprises in all natural ingredients and have a highly satisfied customer base. Why don’t you also rediscover the lost magic of those passionate nights all over again?

Apart from an assurance for firmer erections and a pleasurable sex life, this once-a-day tablet is also known to affect libidos of men positively. Though no substantial scientific studies have been conducted to unravel the effectiveness of Enzyte, millions of men all over the globe stand as testimony to the credibility of what it claims to achieve, that is:

  • Fuller, firmer and long-lasting erections
  • More gratifying and pleasurable sex life
  • 24/7 stronger erections, it is not situation specific

The best thing about Enzyte is that in all these years, no adverse effects have been reported about it, thanks to its ingredients that are natural in origin.


Enzyte is made from a proprietary blend of herbal complexes. These ingredients have a proven track record for increasing blood flow to the penis. These ingredients include Saw Palmetto, Korean Red Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, Horny Goat Weed, Avena Sativa, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama, L-Arginine, Maca Root, Saw Palmetto Berry, and Swedish Flower Pollen.

Besides copper, zinc, and niacin, this natural male enhancement supplement is popular for its composition of “proprietary blend,” which is a tested and proven amalgamation of herbal extracts like Ginkgo biloba leaf and Korean red ginseng root. Backed by the well-documented efficacies of its individual natural ingredients, there is surely not much scope to doubt if Enzyte really works or not? Learn more at http://male-enhancement-report.com


Lastly, we really liked that Enzyte offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. This demonstrates their confidence that you will see results. If you would like more info, you can get it from the Enzyte site directly or go online to find more reviews.

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