How the SizeGenetics 16 Way Comfort System Works

In this article, I explain how the SizeGenetics 16 Way comfort mechanism works. First of all, let’s get more familiar with the way mechanical penis extenders work. Most of them are designed so they apply constant strain to your penis and thus making it extend.  However, when done irregularly these devices could do more harm than good. This is because most of the mechanical penis extenders are designed to provide consistent results.

Unfortunately, most of them are uncomfortable so one people using them after a short period of time. The key to effective and persistent results is in using the penis extender for as long as needed.

How the SizeGenetics 16-Way Comfort mechanism works

SizeGenetics 16 Way Comfort MechanismThe answer is simple – it is based on years of research and clinical testing with real men like you and me. I’m talking about guys who were giving their feedback to improve the system and also to gain results from these tests. What SizeGenetics engineers have accomplished is a really comfortable device which is suitable for the majority of men.

It can be worn in 16 different ways which are more than enough to find the best one which suits your needs. Hard to please men or guys with sensitive genitals are going to find SizeGenetics extremely comfortable! The device was made with one thing in mind – whatever you are attaching to your penis should be gentle, comfortable, easy to use, and easy to hide.

The best part of all is that the SizeGenetics 16 way comfort mechanism is designed to be as discreet as possible. You could wear it under your pants, while watching TV at home, or making dinner, in bed or when doing something on your car. You can keep on extending your penis without having to worry if anyone can see it.

Not only that, but the comfort system is so discreet you can even wear it at work! None of your co-workers will even know you’re extending your penis while doing your daily tasks at work. Unless you have really close contacts or affairs with some of your female co-workers it is virtually not possible to give up the little secret that you are wearing.

Money-back Guarantee

The price for this system is a no-brainer. Keep in mind how well it is designed and compared to other products on the market which look more like torture devices. If you have tried one of these in the past it’s only natural to be a skeptic but SizeGenetics believe in their product so much, that they are offering you a complete money back guarantee. That’s no questions asked for 6 months, and this is the most convincing factor to be taken into consideration.

You are getting a great product with the option to return it if it’s not what you were looking for.

Clinical Studies

Let me get you back a few years ago in 2008. Then The University of Turin ran a clinical study where they actually tried to verify if penis extender technologies are working or not. Without boring details here’s a short summary of the clinical study:

The objective of the clinical study was to support or deny the theory that mechanical devices are efficient in penis extension, as up to this point there was no 100% accurate data proving either point. During the study, a very popular mechanical penis extension device was used and it was supposed to treat the patients and their inadequate penile dimensions. The study took 2 phases with 3 month period each.

The patients were asked to wear the penis extender device at least 4 hours a day for the whole period of the study (phase one and phase 2). Learn how to use SizeGenetics.


At first, there were 30 patients who signed up for the program, out of the 21 were eligible (due to different criteria mismatch) and the average age of the participants was 45.7 years. The interesting thing is that there were patients who dropped out before the end of the study:

  • Only 1 patient dropped out because of “discomfort” with the mechanical penis extender
  • Two patients dropped out because they proved to be unable to comply with the present study protocol
  • One patient dropped out of the study because he saw satisfactory results before the end of the three months

For the reasons explained briefly above, the conclusion of the study was based over 16 patients, however, this was enough for the medic society to approve it and use it as a baseline for further studies and conclusions.

How long did the patients wear the extender?

The penis extender was required to be worn for 4 hours a day for 6 months during the study plus additional 6 months to determine if the results are permanent or temporary, as temporary results would mean failure and therefore the study should be claimed as one. The study made a measurement of the flaccid and stretched penis both at the end of the 6 month training period and also in another 6 months.

The Moment of Truth Results

Without any more drama – the study was Successful. All sixteen patients saw a significant increase in both penis width and length. Average results based on the measurement of all patients after 6 months are ~2.3 cm for flaccid penis and ~1.7 cm for stretched penis. The average length of the patient’s penis was 7.15 cm for flaccid and 9.62 cm for stretched penis.

So all in all this study was a success, and not only that but the examination 6 months after the patients stopped using the mechanical penis extender revealed that they managed to keep the positive changes! Learn more about the SizeGenetics medical certifications.


After the study was over the controlling doctors stated clearly in the final report that the patients used the penis extender for the set amount of time, and it is natural that if one uses it for longer period of time he will get better results than the control group, in other words, THE MORE YOU USE IT, THE BIGGER YOUR GAINS COULD BE!

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