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There are a lot of different penis stretchers on the internet, the problem is they are all different prices. Making it a hard choice on which one to go for, do you go for the cheaper one and get a less effective device or spend more and get a top quality product? One of the big advantages of SizeGenetics is that they do offer 3 different packages, making it the perfect choice for people on different budgets.

SizeGenetics Instructions

Most people look at the devices are believe that they are going to be complicated to use, this is a myth. The SizeGenetics Instructions are easy to follow and understand, not only that but the actual device unit comes ready-made! We have however been able to get hold of some basic SizeGenetics Instructions from them to give you an idea as to how it works.

As mentioned the device does come ready made at the standard size, this size is suitable for anyone that is 2 inches or more when non-erect. You will need to set the Sizegenetics device so that it is set to your personal size.

To do this you measure your penis when non-erect and set the length of the device so that it is 1 cm above your non-erect outstretched penis, you increase the length of the device by using the additional metal rods that come with the unit. Learn more at

The rubber strap is then put into the top plastic support part so that the intent of the triangle is positioned away from the body. The plastic supports are then placed on the top of the metal rods and then pull the strap around the glands of the penis. The Sizegenetics device is now set up and ready to wear, initially you would be able to wear the device for as little as 3-4 hours a day.

It is however recommended to take the unit off for 5 minutes every 2 hours, this is to help encourage blood flow and improve results. As you can see from the above SizeGenetics Instructions, the device unit is very simple to use and requires very little time to set up for your personal size.

Before and After

The SizeGenetics System is both clinically proven to work and is also medically backed, therefore there is no reason why it wouldn’t work for you. We have been in contact with the official SizeGenetics website and have been able to get some testimonials from them, showing you the results of SizeGenetics Before and After. This giving you the idea of what results you will also see from using the device!

These SizeGenetics Before and After images where sent in after only 4 months of using the device! As you can see they saw between 1-2 inch size gain, while the penis was erect and non-erect.

If you look at the above gains, imagine how big your penis would be if you used the device for between 4-8 months. Just think for a moment, how much better would your life be, would you perform better in bed? Would you have more confidence and a high self-esteem?

Why do you need the 16-Way Comfort for fast penis enlargement?

16-Way Comfort StrapSizeGenetics 16-Way Comfort System is one of the things that makes it so unique. It was designed with your comfort in mind. SizeGenetics knows that if a penis extender isn’t comfortable, then you won’t use it long enough to see the promised results. The 16-Way Comfort System allows you the ability to select, switch around, and combine 16 different ways to wear the penis extender!

More comfort equals faster results. It was designed so cleverly that you will be able to wear it discreetly underneath your pants anywhere, even when you are at work. No one else offers you this much comfort in a penis extender. More Comfort = More Use = Faster Gains.

Comfort System

Some companies offer 2-way or 4-way comfort but only SizeGenetics offers 16-Way Comfort to protect your most sensitive and prized organ by providing you with the most effective technology to enlarge your penis quickly

We like the 16-Way Comfort System so much that we feel it blows other competitors out of the water and takes penis enlargement to a new level. SizeGenetics has totally revamped and changed the way typical penis extenders feel and look like while you are wearing them.

  • The included Traction Plus Powder offers you even more comfort while wearing the device for an extended period of time. It also helps keep your penis stay soft and supple during the extension process, which is important in order to avoid injuries.
  • The included Revita Cream Aftercare Moisturizer works to keep your penis fully moisturized and ready for the next day’s “traction device time.”

SizeGenetics Discount

Everyone wants to find the best deal on the internet after all that is what it is there for. SizeGenetics is not the cheapest device on the market (it’s not the most expensive though), it is however in our views the best. It is, however, possible to get £34 discount on both the device on its own and the SizeGenetics system. This is done by entering the SizeGenetics voucher code on the order page, this will automatically reduce the price of the device by £34.

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