The History of Penis Extenders

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Almost 75% of the male population is not satisfied with their penis size. For this reason, they resort to different methods that could enhance their package.

Aside from penis enlargement pills and penis exercises, there is also a penis extender or commonly known as penis stretcher which is a nonsurgical male enhancement method to add a few inches to a penis. True to its name, the tool can extend a penis by applying grip to the organ. They say that the longer you wear the device, the more you will get good results according to

How Penis Extenders Were First Used

Penis extenders were first used by tribes in Africa. Over the years, the said tool was developed by companies as a method to extend penises. The device can be adjusted to a certain level using springs and metal bars. The force would enable the penis to grow a few inches.

All penis extenders are usually made from plastic or metal. There are some men who reported to have rashes after using the device but overall it is safe and reliable. It is important that you follow instructions when using the penis extender. This can be worn for long period of time and it is not visible to the public.

The popularity of the product is due to online stores selling this to anyone who wishes to have a longer penis. Although this is the case, men should choose a brand that is approved by a doctor to ensure the authenticity of the product.

This is something that would also have an impact comfort and effectiveness of a penis extender. In finding a good penis extender, there are factors to consider such as comfort, a period that it can be worn, and quality of the parts.

The History of Penis Enlargement

The problem of a small penis has plagued men for centuries. Although it is common belief that size matters in the bedroom, recent studies have shown that 79% of women are still satisfied in the bedroom with a partner who’s penis is smaller than 4 inches.

Never-the-less men of all shapes and sizes still feel they lack something in the bedroom. In recent years scientists have come closer than ever to solving the one big problem men have in the bedroom. Many people believe that the idea of penis enlargement is relatively new but in fact, it dates back hundreds of years.

Originally developed by tribes in Africa who started experimenting with different techniques to stretch the penis using a serious of progressively heavier weights.  They used these techniques to slowly stretch the skin around the penis to allow for a larger supply of blood to the penis which over time will stretch your penis up to twice its original length. But no this does not mean go and tie a rock to your penis!

These extreme methods of penis enlargement are not recommended to add those extra inches to your penis. Over the years doctors have perfected this method and have determined the safest and most effective way to safely stretch your penis!

In ancient times, Arabic civilizations began to put an increased importance on the length of their penis. They developed simple techniques, called Jelqing, that were daily exercises that were aimed to slowly stretch your penis to gain length over time.

Eventually, traction devices were implemented to help make the process as effective as possible. Similar to the African Techniques of hanging weights, these tractions devices are known to be one of the best and safest methods of penile enlargement.


Many of the leading brands of these penis enlargement devices available have been both doctors approved and certified by the FDA. You can also get a free penis extender by simply joining their clinical trials and documenting your entire experience using the penis extender.

With regular use of this traction device, it is possible to see gains of up to 33% increase in both length and girth. Learn more at

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