Using A Penis Extender For More Girth

Male Edge Penis Extender

There are various methods to get a thicker penis. Penis exercises, penis pumps, penis enlargement pills and penis extenders. All these methods are derived from ancient penis enlargement techniques.

Since ancient times, men pursuit the need of a bigger penis. If you are thinking that getting a bigger penis is impossible, think again. From all those methods enumerated above the most effective one is by far the penis extender use. Clinical studies show that over 95% of men get a ticker penis in first 6 months of using.

The penis extender has been built by professional doctors that know very well the male reproduction organ. Doctors all over the world are recommending the penis extender as a method for correcting penis curvatures and for penis enlargement. Besides all other methods, penis extender does offer permanent results for a tinker penis. From all those penis extenders on the market, one stand out of them.

Get Thicker with a Penis Enlargement Device

The Sizegenetics extender is the most used penis extender on the market. Because Sizegenetics users claim a bigger penis from the first month of using, it has become very popular. The Sizegenetics system offers a complete system for penis enlargement that includes a penis extender, 16ways comfort strap, penis enlargement pills and penis exercises and videos. These are by fast the most important features that make Sizegenetics stand out of the crowd. No other penis extender offers such features.

SizeGenetics for a Thicker Penis

Size Genetics SystemThe SizeGenetics is proven effective penis enlargement device and you will be convinced that the waiting was worth. Once you have achieved the results you strived for, you can stop using the SizeGenetics device and only maintain your penis size gains. Moreover, the SizeGenetics will help you treat curved penis – throughout our researchers, we have reported that the device corrects with up t 70% curved penises.

If you order the SizeGenetics we can offer you free service which takes approximately 7 business days and a courier service which takes approximately 3-5 days. We ship internationally so wherever you are, we could find you and solve your penis size problems.

The SizeGenetics is safe and efficient penis enlargement device that will help you overcome your penis size troubles. If you follow strictly the instructions, the SizeGenetics will increase sufficiently and noticeably your penis size both in length and girth. This unique device has another major function – it corrects up to 70% penile curvatures and imperfections.

This is why most men who want a bigger penis choose Sizegenetics system. How does the Sizegenetics extender work? It’s forcing the penis stretch making the penis cells to divide and replicate. When you use the penis extender you should get it in a semi-erect state. If the extender is used properly it will get you up to 3 inches in 6 months. Most users claim that they got 1inch in first 1 month. Claim your Sizegenetics system today.

Are There Other Options For Penis Enlargement?

Not liking the thought of having some equipment on your equipment all day? There are 3 primary treatment methods that are used for penis enlargement if you’re looking to avoid using an extender:


According to WebMD, about 10 million men, or 33% of guys, will take meds to increase the size of their penis and find that their body just won’t respond to the treatment method.


A surgical procedure on the penis involves a risky and quite expense procedure that requires months of aftercare and physical therapy in order to maintain the results. Even after all of this effort, there is no guarantee that the results will last and there can be devastating side effects

Penis Extender Results

Modern technology has produced devices that can actually enlarge penis size in a safe and effective manner. Penis enlargement can be accomplished by surgery or penis stretching. Pills can support the enlargement device but they can not increase size when used alone.

Penis stretching can be achieved by using a penis extender/penis stretching device or by hand exercises. To see results you have to use a stretcher for long enough to be effective and it should be noted that you can not get there by using your hands only. Check out penis extender FAQ if you have unanswered questions.

A medical penis stretcher is a device made of high quality and perfectly safe Class 1 medical materials. Stretching your penis increases the Corpora Cavernosa and delivers permanent results in both a flaccid and erect penis. You will need to wear the penis extender for several hours a day for at least three months before you can noticeably enlarge penis size.

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