Ways To Naturally Enlarge Your Penis

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Many men want to know how to get the penis bigger. Perhaps if they did then they would be willing to give permanent penis enlargement a fair chance to work.

These are the methods guys are using right now to try to get the penis bigger. I have tried to rate them in ascending order. Remember, before attempting any type of body modification such as penis enlargement you should first do some research on your own.

Ways To Naturally Enlarge Your Penis

The last thing you want is to injure your penis. Hanging weights is not how to get the penis bigger safely. This can cause injury & can make the penis thinner. Do not use weights to get the penis bigger under any circumstances.

Hanging Weights

This is the oldest method of enlargement known to get the penis bigger. Some tribes actually still do this in order to lengthen their penises. However, this method is dangerous and can actually make the penis thinner.

Penis pumps

Next. Pumps are also not how to get the penis bigger. Pumps only provide temporary male enlargement & can cause injury or even penile curvature. Yes, these are designed just to get the penis bigger, but there are serious problems associated with them. The worst side effect is that the pump can actually cause penile curvature or make a slight curve worse. A method to avoid to get a bigger penis even for pleasure purposes. Learn more at http://austingosser.bcz.com

Penile enlargement surgery

Surgery is not how to get the penis bigger safely. This expensive procedure can leave you impotent of even scarred for life. Don’t try surgery to get the bigger penis size you want. Stick with non-surgical proven enlargement techniques.

Established technique for how to get the penis bigger

However, the typical success rate is only around 35%. Most guys are unhappy with the results from enhancement surgery & it is by far the most expensive method used to get the penis bigger. Not recommended.


Slap a patch on & that’s how to get the penis bigger? According to the manufacturers, you can gain inches permanently by just wearing a transdermal patch.
Of course, clinical studies for penis enlargement patches have not been conducted. The FDA has not approved them either, or obviously, a bunch of guys would be wearing them.

Penis Pills

While the penis pill can aid your ability to get a bigger penis, they do not provide permanent size gains on their own, even though the companies will swear otherwise. Penis pills are also not the best way how to get the penis bigger. There is no proof of permanent size gains, & the FDA has not approved them. Unseen side effects could develop after extended usage.

Remember, if you have an erection that lasts more than 4 hours you should seek immediate medical attention. Okay, penis pills are not quite the same as Viagra but you get the point. You just never know what side effects could develop from using these to get the penis bigger.

The top 2 ways how to get the penis bigger that are both clinically proven & safe

Penis enlargement exercises

Now proven to get the penis bigger permanently. If you use these 30+ penile exercise techniques correctly and stay motivated then you can make solid penis size gains this way.

However, even though size gains are permanent these techniques require time and dedication but it can be
done. PenisHealth guarantees you get a bigger penis. Penis exercises are an excellent way how to get the penis bigger. Proven techniques will make the penis bigger safely & easily.

And the number 1 method guys are using to get the penis bigger is…

Traction devices or extenders

The clinically proven way how to get the penis bigger permanently. Uses the medically approved principle of traction for permanent size gains. Faster than penile exercises and can potentially get the penis bigger than any other method used. The safest form of natural penis enlargement.

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